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50 Hour Date with Miss Lips | +1 Daygame

Despite another serious cold, I bedded a new daygame girl. #14 from daygame. Let’s call her Miss Lips. Another interesting experience. The full arc of the story was a pickup last Friday. A first date on Monday. And then a 50 hour date that started Thursday night and just ended an hour or so ago….

Leads, Critical Mass, Girl Tornadoes, and Optimization | Two Dates

Daygame feels very alive for me this summer. I dated four girls in the last eight days… fucked two of them. I have had a limiting belief that I have no game in Spring and Summer. And that notion (like many others since I started to get my head above water as a player) is…

Rust Removal and Encouraging Tornadoes

Rust Removal and Encouraging Tornadoes Cobrantula wrote a post recently about getting back on the hunt after some time off. He is clearly on the players journey, and the dude works hard. But he’d been at a wedding recently and his regularly scheduled quest for quim had been disrupted for a spell. As this thing…